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The versatility of clincher wheels makes them the go-to choice for the majority of cyclists, from regular sportive riders to weekend club riders. For example, a set of clincher wheels can with a simple tire change, cover everything from a gravel ride to summer crit and then cyclo cross. Mid-ride repairs are no problem too – a couple of tire levers, an inner tube and a mini pump have you covered for nearly every situation you’ll encounter out on the road.

Below: XYZ Cycling 55mm Carbon Fiber Clincher wheels are so versatile that they can be used by any rider on any type of ride

What is Clincher

A "clincher" is the most common type of rim used on bicycle wheels. Clincher bicycle rims are similar to automobile rims in terms of how the tire adheres by means of a ridge on the inside of the rim that "clinches" a bead running along the inside of the tire.

How a Clincher Works

A clincher bicycle wheel "clinches" the tire by means of a ridge on the inside of the wheel rim. When the tire is properly mounted on the rim, beads made from wire or other strong material along the inside of the tire seal snugly against the ridges inside the rim. When the tire is mounted on the wheel rim and properly inflated, it holds firmly in place without shifting or moving.

The Advantages of Clinchers

Clinchers are quicker to install, the tires are generally cheaper than tubular tires, and flats usually require only replacement of the inner tube and not the entire tire. They are  consistent and reliable, also they huge range of widely available equipment options.
They're by far the easiest option to learn and live with, they're inexpensive to buy and repair.

Tires and tubes

The vast majority of clincher bicycle wheels require tubes inside the tires. Always buy quality tubes and tires from a reliable source, such as your bike shop and make sure the tubes and tires you purchase are the proper size for your clincher wheel to ensure reliability and performance. Also make sure the tires are inflated to the proper pressure, which is indicated on the sidewall of the tire. Because of recent technological advances, some clincher bike wheels do not require tubes inside the tires.


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