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Basalt is a naturally fire-resistant hard and dense volcanic rock that in the last decade has emerged as a leader in the fiber reinforcement of composites. 

Continuous fibers are extruded from the basalt rock and this basalt fiber has amazing thermal dissipation properties which is optimized on the carbon rim braking surface.

The basalt fiber is bonded it to the braking surface to minimize heat buildup and improve overall stopping performance of the carbon wheel.

To improve braking efficiency and resistance to high temperatures occurring in the rim during prolonged braking, the brake surface of each rim has been covered with basalt.

Basalt braking surface combined with the highest quality TG resin means that braking at XYZ PRO rims is maintained even when the temperature reaches 260 ° C.

Higher braking efficiency gives you the opportunity of deceleration before every turn. You gain fractions of seconds that could decide on the final victory.


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