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New Lightweight Carbon Road Disc Rim:

All of our new road disc have dropped 40g from each rim. We've achieved this lighter weight by using a new fiber layup that removes unnecessary excess material on the disc rim to save weight without compromising the rims strength. This technology is available on both our D Series (25/26/28/30/32mm external, 19/21/23/25/27mm internal) U-shape carbon rims and our G Series (28/31/33/35mm external, 21/22/24/26/27/29mm internal) wide disc brake specific road rims.

Wider Road Carbon Rim Profile:

Both our D-Series and G-series carbon rims feature a wide profile that allows for wider tires without an aerodynamic penalty. When the rim width is more close to the tire's width. This airflow tends to be smoother than the lightbulb shape of a wide tire-narrow rim.

So why a wider tire is better? Wider road tires reduce the risk of pinch flatting at a given tire pressure and reduce rolling resistance. You can also run lower air pressure which absorbs more road shock, and improve the traction and stability. Wider tires tend to have better grip on web or irregular road surface. In the past, road racers used 21mm tires at 110 psi (7.6 bar) for everyday usage. However, more recently we have seen nearly a universal adoption of 23 and 25mm tires by the Professional Peloton at pressures from 90 to 115 pounds. It is even becoming popular to use 28mm tires and even lower pressure for particularly rough courses.


Second, the wide rims improve handling or cornering by creating a larger contact patch. If you were to image that you have a set of 28mm tires and mount them on both a 25mm and 28mm rim, the contact patch on the narrower rim will be more narrow. The wider rim, however, has both a wider contact patch and increases air volume slightly, and makes the tires sidewalls more vertical. This means that the tire casing has to deflect less to make the same size contact patch.


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