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When it comes to choosing an new pair of carbon wheels, you have to decide whether you want a pair of tubular or a pair of clincher wheels. Tubulars and clinchers have different properties and benefits, so here’s a quick guide to help you work out what type of wheel is best for you.

Tubular Wheels

A tubular is a tire that is stitched around an inner tube. You then glue this tire to the rim bed using either special tub glue or double sided tape. This means that unlike clinchers, tubular rims don’t have a ‘hooked’ rim for the tire to interface with.

Below: XYZ Cycling 24mm carbon fiber road tubular wheelset are used by the most of Pro Cycling Team when racing

Like our Tubular 24mm, are favoured by cycling professionals in most racing situations. This is because they have a lower profile rim shape than clincher wheels, which means that they tend to be a little lighter: For example, the 24 tubulars weigh 1,070g, while the 24 clinchers weigh 1,330g. In addition, tubulars are also a little more resistant to pinch punctures due to their round shape. The only downside of tubs is mid-ride repairs, since removing and replacing a well-glued tub quickly can be tricky, especially for less experienced riders.

The carbon tubular rims are lighter due to the lack of bead walls. The tires corner better because they are round in cross section rather than lobe-shaped like a clincher. They are usually a bit lighter as well, having no beads and being able to use a lighter inner tube. For events and road conditions that warrant it, high-end tubular tires can generally be inflated to higher p